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As we know that the perfect gift can't be the same for everybody, we propose you general ideas and give you a link to one of the product we liked in a shop, as a example. Feel free to not just stop to this proposal but have a look at the others type to find the perfect one.

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Ideas proposal

 . Video projector .

Video projector

What's better than having the feeling of the cinema at home ? The projector is the first step. I have one and I don't regret buying it. If I had to change it, I think that it would be for this one.

Our proposal at the price* of : $243.42 / 222.00€
SKU : AE-010

 . Flashlight .


When you are often outside at night, a good light changes everything. This one I propose you is very powerful and also comes with a bike support.

Our proposal at the price* of : $18.64 / 17.00€
SKU : AE-011

 . Handmade japanese chef knife .

Handmade japanese chef knife

With a hand made japanese knife, you are certain to make every chef happy.

Our proposal at the price* of : $26.32 / 24.00€
SKU : AE-019

 . Slackline .


If you don't know it yet, it is a strap that you tie between two trees and then you walk on eat. it's pretty funny, a good exercise and very good for the balance.

Our proposal at the price* of : $43.65 / 39.81€
SKU : AE-021

 . Solar charger for smartphone .

Solar charger for smartphone

Perfect when you like to going on hikes but also having your smartphone fully charged.

Our proposal at the price* of : $25.69 / 23.43€
SKU : AE-020

 . Mechanical Watch .

Mechanical Watch

No watch can be as sophisticated as a mechanical one and saddly few people have one. It's time to change that.

Our proposal at the price* of : $64.69 / 59.00€
SKU : AE-015

 . Active noise cancelling bluetooth headphones .

Active noise cancelling bluetooth headphones

Listening to music is good, but doing it like there is no noise around you is even better. And without any wire, that's juste perfect.

Our proposal at the price* of : $64.69 / 59.00€
SKU : AE-005

 . Animal costum / pyjama .

Animal costum / pyjama

It is soft, it is fun, children are always happy with that. There is just to find the animal that fit to the child.

Our proposal at the price* of : $19.74 / 18.00€
SKU : AE-006

 . Lighting mirror .

Lighting mirror

When using a mirror, light is often a problem. But with a lighting mirror, no more problem. Your make up will be easier, faster and you will be less stressed afterwards.

Our proposal at the price* of : $9.87 / 9.00€
SKU : AE-009

 . Outdoor inflatable sofa .

Outdoor inflatable sofa

Easy to inflate, and very confortable. I am certain that after offering that, It will be a war to decide who get to sit and stay on it.

Our proposal at the price* of : $17.54 / 16.00€
SKU : AE-012

 . Shoulder bag .

Shoulder bag

A woman never has enough of them. She always need the perfect one for each occasion.

Our proposal at the price* of : $12.74 / 11.62€
SKU : AE-0014

 . Kids Play Tent .

Kids Play Tent

The kid will surely spend a lot of time in it. You just have to choose the type he / she will prefer.

Our proposal at the price* of : $21.93 / 20.00€
SKU : AE-016

 . Map of the world to scratch .

Map of the world to scratch

Perfect for the ones who always travel the world.

Our proposal at the price* of : $6.58 / 6.00€
SKU : AE-004

 . Fun socks .

Fun socks

Socks are so cliché they are absolutely wonderful. Get the most stylish and you can be certain it's a gift they will remmember, in a good way of course.

Our proposal at the price* of : $13.10 / 11.95€

 . Suspenders .


It's funny, practical, unusual and yet it can be very cool. With suspenders, you are certain that they don't have it yet.

Our proposal at the price* of : $10.91 / 9.95€


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