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As we know that the perfect gift can't be the same for everybody, we propose you general ideas and give you a link to one of the product we liked in a shop, as a example. Feel free to not just stop to this proposal but have a look at the others type to find the perfect one.

The products proposed under are affiliate links and a commission is received by ListAllGifts for each purchase, without any impact on the price that you would pay. Nevertheless, we do not put any link for products that we do not consider as a good deal, we are proud to propose to you those products and you have no obligation to buy anything.


Ideas proposal

 . Colorful pool balls .

Colorful pool balls

Imagine that as if you were a small child... it's so much fun.

Our proposal at the price* of : $12.06 / 11.00€
SKU : AE-017

 . Wide / macro lens for smartphone .

Wide / macro lens for smartphone

Our phones are now capable of taking really good pictures, but to do better without buying an expensive camera, you can just get some lenses. After testing wide angle, it's amazing how it opens to new possibilities.

Our proposal at the price* of : $8.77 / 8.00€
SKU : AE-007

 . Multifunction Bracelet .

Multifunction Bracelet

For all the McGyver that we know. Even the best multifunction knive can't compare with this.

Our proposal at the price* of : $20.83 / 19.00€
SKU : AE-013

 . Hammock Chair .

Hammock Chair

Hammock chair or real hammock, it's your choice.

Our proposal at the price* of : $33.31 / 30.38€
SKU : AE-018


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